“MIX hotel”

360 descentes de lit
commisioned by Lionel Jadot

Credit : Léo Aupetit
Press : ELLE DECO juillet 2023

Brussels, BE. (2023)

“Pavillon AteliersJ+J”

Group show for Collectible

Credit : Amber Van Bossel
Brussels, BE. (2023)


Fabrics + rugs.

Commission : Dcontract
Paris, FR. (2022)

“Socksial club”

Drawing of the atomium of Brussels with a moto.
-> video link

Commission : Socksial Club
Brussels, BE. (2022)

“Ateliers J+J”

Rugs for J+J chair.

Commission : Ateliers J+J
Brussels, BE. (2021-2022)

“Everglades Adventures Shirt”

Paint on fabric.
-> video link

commission : Haveney
Miami, USA. (2022)

“Moïse Turizer - The Ashes”

Images of clip + Socks.
-> video link

commission : Moïse Turizer
Paris, FR. (2022)